Trapeze Bars

Trapeze bars hospital beds, home beds, and other applications.
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Medical Trapeze Bars

A trapeze for bed is an assistive device that can provide needed leverage when getting in and out of bed is difficult. When the user has upper body strength, it can facilitate sitting up as well as transferring to a wheelchair or bedside commode. Bed Trapeze designs center on a triangular shaped handle used for gripping that is levered to either a wall or bed mounted bracket or a base that sits on the floor. Because the trapeze will be bearing the weight of the user, it must be chosen carefully and must specifically state that it can handle at least that amount of weight. Trapeze bars for beds also come in styles different than the standard triangle shape. These unique designs help with balance and weight transfer while in use. Learn more about medical trapeze bars by clicking here.

Bed Trapeze Options

Bed trapezes come in three main options: bed mounted, wall mounted, or base mounted. A bed trapeze is less cumbersome than a floor design. When considering a trapeze that attaches to the bed, often at the headboard, be sure to check for any specific requirements. A wall mounted trapeze attaches directly to the ceiling above the bed or on the adjacent wall. These trapezes are more extensive to install and are more permanent. A base mounted trapeze provides the most flexibility because it is mounted to moveable, crane-like frames. Each trapeze serves the same function, but provides different levels of weight capacity and usability.

Pole Mounted Trapeze Bar

SuperPole With SuperTrapeze
Award winning trapeze bar system that functions as both a trapeze lift, and mobility assist rail!

Trapeze Bar for Hospital Bed

Versa-Helper Trapeze for Hospital Beds
The Versa-helper attaches to hospital beds to provide lift, movement, and patient transfer capabilities.

Bariatric Standing Trapeze Bar

Free Standing Trapeze Bar
Free standing bed trapeze bars are the perfect home or hospital trapeze solution.

Mounted Trapeze Bar

Wall Mount Trapeze
Wall mounted trapeze bars offer a unique solution for trapeze bar systems.